Lámina Gratis Ilustrada de Animales en Quechua Gratis

Lámina para aprender quechua

Esta lámina GRATUITA  ilustrada, elaborada por Saphi, es un recurso gratuito diseñado para que cualquier persona pueda aprender de manera didáctica y sencilla cómo nombrar algunos animales básicos en quechua. Es perfecta para fines educativos y promover el aprendizaje del quechua.

Every card comes with audio in Quechua. You get a dozen illustrated messages to thank your Mom for all she is. Each is uniquely animated with a sweet audio phrase in Quechua. She will love watching these over and over again!

Send them to your special Mom to remember your love, forever. 

Or, learn the phrases and call your Abuelita to say each one to her yourself!

Each card also has English and Spanish translations written on it. Learn Quechua while also earning points with your Mamitas for giving them one of the most sentimental and unique gifts they’ve ever received.

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