Exclusive Bolivian Mother’s Day Set Quechua Collection with Artwork & Audio

Beautiful Animations | Unique Messages | Audio Included | Learn Quechua & Spanish

Need a Bolivian Mother’s Day gift? Want to give something they can keep forever? And one that you can’t get anywhere else?? This is the perfect gift or even as an extra touch to the American Mother's Day gift. The Quechua Project brings you a gorgeous collection of 12 illustrated messages in Quechua that show the moms in your life how much you love and appreciate them.

Every card comes with audio in Quechua. You get a dozen illustrated messages to thank your Mom for all she is. Each is uniquely animated with a sweet audio phrase in Quechua. She will love watching these over and over again!

Send them to your special Mom to remember your love, forever. 

Or, learn the phrases and call your Abuelita to say each one to her yourself!

Each card also has English and Spanish translations written on it. Learn Quechua while also earning points with your Mamitas for giving them one of the most sentimental and unique gifts they’ve ever received.

Tip: You can also print the cards on cardstock. They make a lovely keepsake.

Compatible with phones, tablets, and apps such as Goodnotes.

What’s included:

  • 12 beautifully illustrated digital messages for Mom
  • Each one has the phrase in Quechua, English, & Spanish
  • Each one has audio in Quechua


Cards phrases (english translations):

  • Happy Mother’s Day 2024! 
  • So smart
  • So beautiful
  • You cook us food
  • You carry us (in aguayo)
  • You take care of us
  • You moved to Virginia
  • You organize Kermesses
  • We are family
  • Let’s dance!
  • Keep going!
  • I love you so much, mamita!

You can’t get better than this for your dear Mamita on Bolivian Mother’s Day!*

*Did you know? Yacharankikchu?

The reason for Bolivian Mother’s Day on May 27th

On May 27, 1812, a group of women in Cochabamba fought to the death to protect their children and land from Spanish troops. They were led by Manuela Gandarillas, a 60-year-old mother with impaired vision. 


During the war of independence Spanish troops under General Goyoneche defeated the men’s army outside Cochabamba. They then marched to the city. About 300 women–mostly market sellers–gathered under Manuela’s command at Coronilla Hill. They had just knives, sticks, and a few guns and canons. Out-armed and outnumbered, the brave mothers fought for three hours. When General Goyoneche himself stabbed Manuela Gandarillas in the chest, she took her own blood and threw it in his face, before falling dead.


Every year on May 27 Bolivians celebrate their mothers, commemorating this incredible act of women’s courage.

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